Cricket Betting Tips

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, but people worldwide also enjoy betting on it. If you are a punter looking for the top match prediction and odds on cricket, then this is the right article for you to read. Here, we will provide you with the best cricket betting tips and explain how they work. We will take you through the different markets available for the sport and the essential factors to consider when predicting cricket matches. For all that and more, keep reading this comprehensive guide on cricket tips.

cricket betting tips

Free Cricket Betting Tips Predictions India

At Windia, we offer free cricket expert picks, which means you don’t need to pay a dime to access them. These free picks cover both major and minor events, as well as different betting options and markets. With our free picks on IPL, T20 Cup, Cricket World Cup and several others, you stand a chance to win money.

Our professional tipsters weigh all the essential details of a match before settling on a selection. These tipsters are ardent fans of the sport, and they have years of experience predicting outcomes. Whether you love betting on big games, test series, or prefer favourites vs underdog encounters, we provide match predictions that cover both.

IPL Betting Tips Free

The Indian Premier League is the most famous cricket league in India. It is a professional T20 league that has produced several well-known and top-rated cricketers like Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. At Windia, you can enjoy free cricket betting tips on IPL.

Before we list our selections, we consider the previous statistics, weather, team spirit, and other essential factors. This way, our picks are close to perfect and can help you avoid chasing a losing streak.

The Best Online Cricket Betting Sites

If you want to enjoy a great experience betting on cricket, you need to choose a good online sportsbook. At Windia, we feature top online cricket betting sites that cover major and minor cricket competitions and tournaments. These gambling sites also have plenty of bonus and promotions that players can benefit from.

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Things You Need to Know When Searching for a Cricket Betting Site

There are numerous cricket betting sites in the world, but not all of these sites offer good services. So if you are searching for a cricket betting site that has great markets, bonus and promotions, and odds, there are a few things you need to consider.


How trusted an online cricket betting site is can go a long way to telling you if it is a good choice. Various sportsbooks around the world claim to be a good choice for players. However, before you can trust any of these sites, you need to check if they are licensed. Some of the top regulatory authorities that licence the best Indian offshore betting platforms include the Malta Gaming Authority, Curaçao eGaming, and the UK Gambling Commission.


Another crucial factor to consider when selecting an online bookmaker for cricket betting is the bonuses and promotions. With a good bonus, you will not only be able to bet on more cricket events, but you will also have a chance to win real money. Top sportsbooks at Windia reward players with different kinds of bonuses. This includes free bets, welcome bonuses, enhanced odds, cashback bonuses, just to name a few.

Banking methods

Even if you have the best cricket betting tips, you still need to deposit money into your betting account to bet on them. For this reason, considering the banking options supported by a sportsbook is one essential thing to check before you decide to join or not. You will have access to popular and easy-to-use payment methods to deposit and withdraw winnings from your account at the best betting sites. These top-rated bookmakers also accept India Rupees and other well-known currencies to make things easier for punters.

Betting Odds

How much money you can win betting on cricket is determined by the betting odds and your wager. So if you play at a bookmaker that has low odds, your potential winnings will also be low. As an Indian punter, you can compare different sportsbooks’ odds to know which one is the most desirable. In fact, in some cases, you can join multiple gambling sites if one offers the best odds for IPL and the other offers better odds for Cup T20.

Betting options

The betting options and markets available at a cricket sportsbook should be among the things you should consider before creating an account. This is because the betting options available can go a long way to determining how easy it will be for you to win. When you play at a top sportsbook, you will have access to regular bets like match-winning bet and under/over bets. Besides that, you can place special prop bets such as man of the match, team to win the IPL, top batsman and so on.


As a punter who wants a top-notch experience betting on cricket, you need to choose a betting site with good customer support. This is because situations may arise where you need the bookmaker’s assistance to attend to an enquiry or resolve a complaint. When you play at a top cricket sport betting site recommended by Windia, you will enjoy 24/7 customer support via methods such a live chat, email and telephone. These online betting platforms also have an FAQ section where common questions are answered.


Every single betting site has terms and conditions that govern how it operates. If you want to enjoy a good experience betting on cricket, then you have to read through the terms and conditions. Some bad bookmakers may hide bogus details in their T&Cs, and you will be unable to do anything when issues arise. At Windia, our experts scrutinize the terms of each betting site listed on our site. Thus, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

IPL Betting App

Betting on IPL and other cricket events is pretty straightforward. In fact, top bookmakers that offer cricket betting optimize their website to be accessible on mobile devices. So you can use our cricket betting tips at these sites on the go. Most of these sportsbooks also have an app that you can download on your iOS and Android devices to access their platform. With the app, you can easily bet our match predictions and play live cricket betting.

To check our cricket betting tips, simply go to our match prediction page. You can copy these predictions and use them at any online bookmaker of your choice. Our cricket betting tips cover different cricket matches all over the world. This means it doesn’t matter whether you prefer betting on the Big Bash IPL, Cup T20 or test matches like Ashes games between England and Australia.

How we write our Cricket Betting Tips

At Windia, we have our punters’ interests in mind. This is why our experts go through all the essential statistics of each game to predict the likely outcome. We do not limit ourselves to only match-winning betting tips. Our tips cover different kinds of betting options, including prop markets. Here are some of the essential factors that we consider before providing a match prediction.

Important Factors:

Team Reports/ news

Team reports tell us plenty about what to expect from a cricket team. So before we start predicting, we go through the reports and news of the teams involved. This includes the possible lineup, current form, and transfer update. Additionally, we take into account each team’s previous statistics. For instance, suppose Royal Challengers Bangalore is playing Sunrisers Hyderabad in an IPL match. Our experts check their past meetings and consider head-to-head statistics.


Injury is another important factor that we consider when offering cricket betting tips. As with every other sport, a star cricketer’s injury in a team can affect their overall performance in a game. So we stay up-to-date with injury news of different cricket teams to know what kind of bet is feasible. This way, our cricket predictions are accurate, and you have a better chance of winning.

Pitch Report

The pitch where a cricket game will be played can be an essential factor that decides who the favourites are. It is common for home teams to play better on their home turf since they spend most of their time practising there. In addition, a team that performs well on a green pitch may not be up to par when playing on a dusty pitch. So before we offer free cricket betting tips on Cup T20, IPL and several others, we pay attention to the pitch report.


Weather conditions also play a role in cricket matches. This is why we pay attention to this when offering betting tips. Overcast conditions and strong winds are known to favour good seam bowlers, while bright sunshine makes batting easier for batsmen. So by considering weather conditions, we can offer more accurate betting tips that can lead to winnings.

Cricket Betting Odds

Odds are essential in all sports betting, including cricket betting. This is because they determine how much you can expect to win. However, this does not mean betting on outcomes that have a low probability of occurrence. Our experts take a look at the odds offered by different sportsbooks and provide you with prediction and tips that can help you maximize them.

cricket betting tips

How to Bet on Cricket

Betting on cricket is not as difficult as some people think. In fact, you can place your bets on the cricket teams that you prefer within minutes. Here is how to get started betting on cricket games.

  1. Choose a Sportsbook listed above

    The first thing you need to do to start betting on cricket is pick a sportsbook. Many online betting sites across the world feature cricket. However, we recommend that you choose one of the bookies listed on our website for the best experience.

  2. Sign up

    Once you’ve selected the cricket betting site you prefer, you can then go ahead and sign up. The sign-up process at these is pretty easy as you are only required to provide basic information like your name, date of birth and email address.

  3. Claim Our Exclusive Bonus

    When you join any of our recommended cricket betting sites, you will enjoy our exclusive welcome bonus to kickstart your gambling experience. You can use the bonus on cricket games and also win from them.

  4. Make a Deposit

    Next, make a deposit into your betting account by using one of the various deposit options supported. Our recommended cricket sportsbooks accept Indian Rupees, making it even easier for you to deposit money into your account.

  5. Place a Bet

    Once you have money in your account, you can head over to your sportsbook’s cricket section and choose the event you want to bet on. You can bet on events in the IPL, Big Bash, Cup T20, World Cup and so on. After selecting your predictions, you will see them in the betting slip section of your account. You can then place your bet by specifying the amount you want to wager.

Windia Cricket Betting Tips you can Trust

Windia has got you covered when it comes to the best online cricket betting tips that can help you win money. As a top prediction site in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing you with accurate tips for different cricket competitions. This includes the IPL, Cricket World Cup, Big Bash, One Day League, Cup T20 and several others. Whether you love to play betting on cricket match-winning odds or you love props markets, you can count on us to always provide you with top picks and predictions.

Different Types of Bets in Cricket

One of the good things about cricket betting is that there are different kinds of bets available. Top bookies offer a wide range of betting markets for punters, including both the regular ones and special prop bets.

With numerous options available, you will be able to find the right outcome that suits your preference. Here are some of the common types of bets offered by sportsbooks for cricket betting.

Top Batsman

The top batsman bet is a popular bet in cricket that involves predicting which player will score the highest runs in a cricket game. For example, suppose India is playing against Bangladesh in an ODI league game. In that case, you can bet on Virat Kohli to be the cricketer with the most runs in the game. The odds offered for top batsman is pretty high at top bookmakers.

Top Bowler

Another standard bet in cricket is the top bowler bet. Here, you are wagering on a particular bowler in the game to take the highest number of wickets. If two bowlers have taken the same number of wickets, the bowler who conceded the least runs wins. You can bet on top bowler bet at our recommended online sportsbooks.

Match Winner

This is probably the most common kind of bet in cricket. It involves wagering on a particular team to win a match. For example, suppose England are playing Australia in a One Day International match. If you play a match-winner bet on England, then it means they have to win the match for your bet to win.

Man of the match

Man of the match is a special prop bet in cricket. After a cricket game, it is common for a player to be awarded the man of the match for his outstanding contribution to a cricket game. If you play a man of the match bet, it simply means that you are wagering on the player to win this award.

Toss Winner

Another bet in cricket is the toss winner bet. At the start of every single cricket game, the captain or skipper will choose heads or tail for the coin toss. You can bet that the toss for a particular cricket game will favour a particular team. For instance, if India is playing Pakistan, you can bet on the Men in Blue to win the coin toss. However, you need to understand this kind of match prediction because it is mostly based on luck.

What are Cricket Betting Odds?

As with every other sport, odds in cricket tells the probability of something happening. Bookmakers assign odds based on their perception that an outcome is likely to happen. This means that outcomes with a higher probability of occurrence will have lower odds.

In contrast, those with lesser chances of happening will have higher odds. With cricket betting, odds also determine what you can expect to win. For this reason, Indian punters should ensure that they choose a bookmaker that offers high odds for events, as this translates to more winnings.

How does Cricket Betting Odds work?

Contrary to what some people think, the way cricket betting odds work is pretty straightforward. As we pointed out in the previous paragraph, the odds assigned to cricket matches determine how much money you can win. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the wager amount.

So, suppose you bet ₹1,000 on Delhi Capitals to win Punjab Kings with odds of 3.o. If your bet wins, you will walk away with (₹1,000 x 3.0) ₹3,000 as winnings. At Windia, we offer top cricket betting tips with high odds that translates to more money for punters.


Where to find free cricket betting tips?

You can find the best free cricket betting tips here at Windia. Out tips are from experts with an in-depth understanding of the sport, and they can help you avoid chasing a losing streak.

Is it legal to bet on cricket in India?

Yes. Betting on cricket is totally legal in India. However, it must be at a licensed betting site that accepts Indian Rupees. You can check out our recommended top cricket bookmakers that offer the best services and bonuses to punters.

How to win cricket betting tips?

At Windia, our cricket betting tips are close to perfect. With them, you can get lucky and win big. But since nothing is guaranteed, we recommend that you should always bet with an amount you can afford to lose.

How to play cricket betting tips?

To play cricket betting tips, simply check our match prediction and head over to your betting site. You can then copy our selection and add them to your betting slip. Once you are satisfied with your choices, you can wager your preferred amount. This is used along with the total odds to calculate your potential winnings.

How does cricket betting work?

Betting on cricket works pretty much the same way as with other sports. You predict an outcome in the game, and there are several betting options and markets available in cricket betting.

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