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Cricket is a sport known to be complex, strategic, and sometimes mind-blowing. A sport that requires physical strength, skill, and brains in order to overpower the opponent. Few other sports have the same baffling dynamics as cricket, which is why we love the sport so much!

If you want to excel in your cricket betting strategies or up your cricket skills. Our team of experts will make sure you always stay on top of the game. Windia’s mission is to give its readers a comprehensive review and understanding of all aspects of cricket. Whether it’s about learning how to bet on cricket, straight cricket betting tips, cricket rules, cricket news, or IPL updates. We will make sure to keep you posted on the latest happenings.

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Indian Cricket Bowler

Cricket FAQ

Is cricket the official national sport of India?

No, unfortunately not. India has no official national sport.

Is betting on cricket online legal in India?

Yes, it is legal to bet on cricket online in India

How should I think when betting on cricket?

The more knowledge you have about cricket or your specific cricket team the better. Stay close to what you know and don’t go astray. Read our cricket betting section to learn more.

Which is the largest cricket tournament in the world?

ICC cricket world cup and T20 world cup are probably the largest and most prominent cricket tournaments.

Which is the largest cricket league in the world?

IPL, of course, is the largest cricket league in the world.

Cricket Betting

Are you eager for some cricket betting? It is not always as simple and straight forward as it appears. Modernization of cricket, through amongst other things T20, has made the sport very popular to bet on. With that, a lot of online betting sites have entered the Indian market. Bookmakers have been around for ages, but it’s not until now you can bet online with a partner you can trust. All of the cricket betting sites listed here at Windia can be fully trusted, so read our cricket betting section to learn more. We have something useful for all our readers, whether you are a seasoned pro or new to betting.

IPL Betting

Betting on the IPL requires some serious cricket betting skills. But also, a deep understanding of how the IPL works and the unique skill sets of all the teams in the IPL. Our IPL betting experts will guide you through everything you need to know in order to become a successful IPL bettor.

How Cricket Works

Two teams with 11 players each meet each other in a cricket game. The cricket field has the shape of a circle and can vary in size. The cricket field has a rectangular strip in the middle called the pitch. The two teams take turns bowling and batting. To learn all the ins and outs of cricket, read our cricket rules section.

Online Casino in India

Nowadays most people know that online casino is legal in India, with a few exceptions. Here at Windia, we will, at some point, offer a lot more information about online casinos in India. Until then, we always recommend our visitors to go to to learn more about online casinos, online slots, casino games, and much more.

Online Fantasy Sports in India

Before real-money online betting became a thing in India, Fantasy Sports was the name of the game. Fantasy Sports has been around for ages and has taken many different shapes. Starting off with physical “bookies” arranging tournaments in street corners, to gradually move online. Online fantasy sports have grown to become the go-to place for a lot of cricket enthusiasts in India. If you are eager to learn more about fantasy sports and get a new take on cricket betting we recommend you visit, one of the leading online cricket betting and fantasy sports communities in India.